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Investors Orient Away from Single Family Homes

An interesting development has taken place with the focus of real estate investor purchases: there is a slow but steady orientation away from single-family to multi-family. To be sure, single-family purchases by investors remain the dominant category. But investor purchases…

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Rebirth of Downtown Los Angeles

There was a chill in the air and Jim was nursing a hot cup of coffee. But the chill was not enough to distract his eyesight, which happened to catch the glint of gold reflecting in the water. He bent…

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Four More Years!

You can hear the chant: “Four more years! Four more years!” Except the call is not for a politician to get reelected; it’s a prediction of how much longer the rising price of Los Angeles real estate will continue. The…

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SoCal Home Sales Hit a 9 Year High

The weather may be hot, but so is the Southern California real estate market. This according to Andrew Khouri of the LA Times who reports that homes sales in Southern California just hit a 9-year high. In what continues to…

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Not Your Typical Residential Property

We write to you each week to update you on the latest real estate information, trends and statistics in Los Angeles County and the State of California. We thought we would give you a break from trends and stats this…

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California Real Estate Continues Its Upward Climb

The single-family real estate market in California continues its upward march, partly motivated by a concern that interest rates will be increasing. According to PropertyRadar, sales of California single-family homes increased strongly in June by 8.5% over May. More noteworthy…

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Los Angeles County Property Values Rise

While California single-family real estate continues to increase as a whole, property values in Los Angeles County also reflect strong increases. The county’s property values increased 6.13 percent in 2015, the largest increase since 2010. The median price of a…

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