Pavel R.'s Review

Pavel R.
5.0 star rating

Ken Shapiro is an excellent Real Estate broker, he helped me and my wife close on the house of our dreams. He was very responsive to all our questions and we had many because this was our first real estate purchase. He did an excellent job in negotiating with the seller and getting us a very good price (25 percent below the asking price), so now we have a cash positive property that’s paying for itself. This is a dream come true and all thanks to Ken and his team. We will definitely work with him in the future and I recommend his services to everyone.

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Christine Q.'s Review

Christine Q.
5.0 star rating

We feel so lucky to have had worked with Ken. He made getting our dream home simple and painless. The process can feel so overwhelming. He supported us, answered all our questions, and helped us get the house we wanted.

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Natalie T.'s Review

Natalie T.
5.0 star rating

Ken and Kate were great in helping us close on our recent property.
After telling Ken what we were looking for, he drove us around and showed us a bunch of stuff which was great.
We ended up finding something ourselves online, I told Ken we wanted to make an offer, and he closed the deal with the utmost professionalism and efficiency. I was traveling for work the entire time we were in escrow, but he helped make the entire process smooth and was very patient in explaining everything.
His lender David Kutner was also great to work with, and it’s nice that they have a history of working together, that really streamlined the process.
If you are looking for someone who is a good negotiator, communicative, and a closer, contact Ken.

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Alexandre A.'s Review

Alexandre A.
5.0 star rating

I just purchased an investment property with Ken. He was honest, prompt, respectful and delivered what he promised.
I am working with him on another deal and will be looking forward to a wonderful long and fruitful relationship.

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Summer P.'s Review

Summer P.
5.0 star rating

The whole crew here are exceptional. Personable, professional, masterful experts! They walked me through the whole process of buying my first home.
Archie Robb had my back and looked out for me like I was family.
Thank you!

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F E.'s Review

F E.
5.0 star rating

I have only the highest praise for Ken, Kate and Anahit of Silverwood Properties. Throughout the entire process, they were the epitome of professionalism: competent, knowledgeable, respectful, helpful, approachable, courteous, and kind. They were always ready, willing, and able to answer my questions, address my concerns, and to assist me when needed. Ken is the most knowledgeable and experienced broker that I have worked with and an expert on Echo Park and surrounding areas. He is the ideal choice for those wanting to buy or sell real estate in the Echo Park area.

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R. L.'s Review

R. L.
5.0 star rating

Once again, Ken and his team at Silverwood Properties stepped up and hit it out of the park! We needed to sell our property and they stopped at nothing to make it happen. They worked hard to find the right buyer & negotiated to get us what we wanted & made amazing return on our investment!!! Experts at their jobs!! Thanks again for all of your hard work! We are looking forward to finding our next investment property with Ken!!

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Brian R.'s Review

Brian R.
5.0 star rating

I first met Ken 5-6 years ago….he has helped me purchase 2 rental properties in Echo Park since then. Both properties have turned out to be excellent investments with highly positive cash flow and significant appreciation. Here is the thing: in both transactions, I felt like Ken’s rental income estimates were high and fix-up cost estimates were low. I was proven wrong….TWICE. He definitely knows the market, and, in fact, I even referred my own tenants to him when they were interested in looking to buy.
I can also say, that over the years, Ken and I have remained close even when I am not in the market…i have called him for advice on contractors, and other matters and we always end up chatting about other things, and he is always willing to lend an ear and offer his help even when there is no commission on the line.

In any case, I would use Ken again, I would refer him again, and I would suggest that anyone who is looking for a realtor should stop by Silverwood Properties for a chat w/ Ken.

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Joel A.'s Review

Joel A.
5.0 star rating

These days it’s pretty difficult to get a 3-4 unit building with an FHA loan in most decent areas of Los Angeles. One mortgage broker told me it wasn’t possible in the LA area due to a ‘self sufficiency’ rule required by fha. Another agent who deals with income property also said it ‘wasn’t possible’ in the good areas of Northeast LA, saying I would have to look south of the 10, to the valley, or in the more ‘transitional’ areas if I wanted to use an FHA loan. Fortunately I was able work with Ken, who knows a lot about investing in LA income property and more importantly was open to helping me look anywhere there was potential given my location preferences and price points. He helped me locate and get under contract a four unit building in a desirable pocket of Northeast LA. He also helped me to see where I could potentially create value with the building I otherwise wouldn’t have seen. Though the transaction had its share of issues, Ken was able to navigate through it all using his knowledge, experience, and resources. When resistance in a deal comes you need to have someone who knows how to negotiate, problem solve and push things through. Ken has plenty of experience doing this and he along with his team were able to do just that. His assistants Kate, Gina and Anahit were helpful throughout the escrow process, and he had contacts in place who helped with lender required repairs that had to be done before close of escrow. What others told me was ‘not possible’ I was able to do with the team at Silverwood. I highly recommend Ken if you’re looking to buy property in the area.

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Whit W.'s Review

Whit W.
5.0 star rating

Ken is the undisputed king of East LA realestate.

I honestly don’t think we would have received better guidance & service if we were family. I truly mean that.

My fiancé & I came to Ken after having not so pleasant experiences with 2 other agencies… Both had been recommended to us, but the first didn’t have a deep knowledge of the Eastside and the other didn’t give us a level of attention & professionalism that made us comfortable.

From day one of walking into Silverwood every bit of advice we received was spot on, and we never once felt like we weren’t a priority…

Case and point, during escrow some questions came up about permitting for the renovations we were planning – Ken personally came downtown to the city office with us to make sure we were in the clear.

His team, Kate & Gina, were always super friendly and eager to help with any questions or needs.

In the end we not only closed on a perfect fit mixed use property in exactly the location we wanted, but I also learned an incredible amount about realestate that will be carried forward to my next venture.

So to sum all that up in two words – Highly recommended!

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SL C.'s Review

5.0 star rating

Ken Shapiro is a genius. He recently sold my home in THREE days from listing at 150,000 over asking! We actually broke records for price per sq foot in the area! But that’s not a surprise as I’ve done several transactions with him now and each one of them has been smooth sailing. He really goes above and beyond for his clients, and whether I’ve bought with him or sold with him he knows the ins and outs of the market better than anyone I’ve ever worked with. I like to say he can “think around corners.” Would give his office ten stars if I could.

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Max S.'s Review

Max S.
5.0 star rating

We were first time home buyers who were looking for property that we could live in and rent to make some extra income. We had a budget that was challenging and with Ken we got into a larger house than what we thought we would, and a property that has much more character than we could have expected in a very competitive market. There were multiple offers on this property, including 5 developers and Ken still managed to make our offer the winning deal.
Ken and his team were efficient, informative and helpful throughout the whole process. A real pleasure to work with and I would recommend them in a heartbeat.

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Cheney S.'s Review

Cheney S.
5.0 star rating

Ken is by far the best realtor I’ve worked with. My fiancé and I have a business where we buy, fix up and sell properties and Ken is our agent exclusively. I would estimate that we’ve done over 20 transactions together over the years and he’s never let us down. We’ve also recommended him to many of our friends who have completed transitions with him and have all been thrilled with his services. He really does go the extra mile to service his clients. He is fully part of our team and we are very lucky to have him!

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Shannon M.'s Review

Shannon M.
5.0 star rating

As a first time buyer, i really needed help navigating the process. Ken Shapiro and his team were always there to answer any of my questions and hold my hand while I filled out paperwork and dealt with escrow. Kate Courtney (Ken’s assistant] and Lisette Nicole {the transaction coordinator} helped me deal with my lender and the title company on a long and difficult sale. They were awesome! When it looked like my dream home purchase was going to fall through Ken stepped in and created a solution with the seller. He works miracles! This home would have never been mine if it hadn’t been for his ability to negotiate under pressure. I really cannot say enough about Silverwood Properties. I would definitely use them again…and recommend them to friends!

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Melissa B.'s Review

Melissa B.
5.0 star rating

Anyone entering the buying or selling process knows it’s not a science or easy. But it can be pleasant when you find the right team to help. I’ve been checking in with Ken Shapiro at Silverwood Properties for a few years now, trying to figure out when/if we should sell our home. He’s been very patient and helpful. When we finally put it on the market, he got it sold within two months. I liked everyone on his team, and never had to wait for any responses. He also checked in at pivotal moments, offered amazing solutions during “mini” crises, and always kept a positive attitude. He wasn’t all about the money and truly cared about the outcome for all. I highly recommend Silverwood Properties.

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Sandy A.'s Review

Sandy A.
5.0 star rating

Silverwood is the absolute BEST realty company around! Ken Shapiro and his team helped me buy my home when no other company was willing to help. There were extra steps and a lot more work in my specific situation and the Silverwood team made all of the extra phone calls, worked weekends, even had specialists scheduled to help me with certain inspections, when I had no clue who to call for certain home owner jobs 🙂 They really helped me and now I live in the house I had been dreaming about owning for years! I cannot express how much I appreciate their help. If you want a family feel and great people to work with and help in the purchase of your next home, Ken and Kate will not disappoint! They are truly wonderful and looked out for me through the entire process. Thank you Silverwood!!!

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Brad W.'s Review

Brad W.
5.0 star rating

I have been working with Ken Shapiro and Silverwood Properties for several years now. As I like to buy old fixers and make them beautiful and sell them profitably, I need someone who has a lot of knowledge about the local market. No agent in Northeast L.A./Echo Park is more knowledgeable about Real Estate than Ken and his team. Thanks to them I have been able to make very profitable choices and be very successful in my Real Estate endeavors.

In addition to that, Ken always goes to great lengths to give me extra service to help ensure I am successful. He basically approaches my business as if it was his own, and he takes all the care he possibly can to make sure I am successful.

To anyone who is trying to do anything in Real Estate, whether it is investing, or just plain buying a house to live in or sell their home, no one will work harder or smarter for you than Ken and his team at Silverwood Properties.

It is my total pleasure to endorse him.


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Amirhossein T.'s Review

Amirhossein T.
5.0 star rating

Ken and Laura helped us purchase a duplex in Los Angeles more than 2 years ago, and we are very happy with the results!

Before working with Silverwood Properties, we had tried different real estate agents. But our experience was not even comparable.

Ken is very knowledgeable about the LA real estate market, and his recommendations are well ahead of anyone else in this business. He knows what is hot now, and what will be hot in the next few years. Ken is very effective at placing reasonable offers and closing during bidding wars. I recommend Silverwood Properties to all my family and friends. If I decide to purchase another property, Silverwood Properties is my number one choice.

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Mona P.'s Review

Mona P.
5.0 star rating

I just closed a home in SilverLake and have to say Silverwood Properties did a fantastic job. I like them because:

1. Good negotiators: very fair and cordial.
2. Helped me get into an affordable home in an otherwise pricey part of town.
3. Held my hand every step of the way so there was minimal confusion during escrow.
4. They know this part of Los Angeles (SilverLake, Echo Park, Mt. Washington) better than other real estate agents in the area.
5. Are efficient and work with good people (escrow, inspectors, home warranty) so the process runs smooth and quickly.

I called Ken based off the reviews on Yelp. I called a few others too.
Buying a home is a business transaction, however it requires the right personal fit and once I talked to Ken I realised that he was my guy. Ken is understanding, listens while being focused and straightforward. He is honest in what he can and can’t do. That is the kind of person I like to work with because things get done efficiently.

Ken has finesse. He negotiated with many parties in a way that allowed us to compromise so that we all benefited; he kept everyone’s best interest in mind throughout the process. I mean these are the skills that peace treaties are made on:)

Lisette and Kate helped me through the escrow process. They were always there, they sent me everything I needed and explained each step of the process as we passed through it. They were always kind, supportive and available.

I placed a bid, went into escrow and closed in 6 weeks! I feel fortunate to have had Silverwood Properties help me get into such a lovely home and literally with everything I was asking for and more!

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Chris S.'s Review

Chris S.
5.0 star rating

These people are just magnificent and so helpful. I always reference friends, family and strangers to them knowing it will work out wonderfully!

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Mark H.'s Review

Mark H.
5.0 star rating

The owner, Ken is very knowledgeable and personable. He is passionate about the neighborhods in which he specializes, as well as excellent execution. His listings are very well described, and often exclusive since he has so many connections and knows the area so well. I look forward to working with him for years to come.

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