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Downtown Los Angeles development is undergoing one of the city’s largest real estate booms in years. Two events sparked the boom: The first was the Adaptive Reuse Ordinance, which was passed in 1999. Thanks to this ordinance, it is easier and less expensive for developers to convert decayed downtown properties into lofts, apartments and condos. The second event, which also took place in 1999, was the opening of the Staples Center sports arena. Both events gave rise to a new era of growth for downtown properties and downtown Los Angeles development.

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For those interested in taking up residence in downtown L.A.; lofts, apartments and condo complexes provide an urban lifestyle with ready Metro access to any area of the city—say good-bye to L.A. traffic. Additionally, downtown Los Angeles development has resulted in the opening of 600 new restaurants, bars, and retail stores. Downtown properties are available in a variety of areas including Little Tokyo, the Fashion District, the Toy District and the Arts District, to name a few.

With residential construction booming, the hotel market on the rise, investor money coming in from overseas and even the Big Apple, downtown properties are sizzling hot. Whether you are an investor, homebuyer or seller, contact Ken Shapiro of Silverwood Properties. With his practical approach and knowledge of the inner workings of the downtown L.A. real estate market, Ken will find you the right downtown properties which meet your needs, and then get you the best possible deal.