Find Realistic, Profitable Investment Opportunities

“I learned long ago that income properties represent one of the most—if not the most—sound investment instruments there are today,” says Ken Shapiro, broker and owner of Silverwood Properties. “For that reason, I made it my business to learn all about income properties; how to identify the ones that will bring in a return and the ones that won’t.”

With an enormous amount of study and years of experience under his belt, Ken has become one of the most knowledgeable real estate professionals in the Northeast L.A. market. Known for his practical approach to investing, Ken works hard to:

  • Identify profitable yet realistic income properties for investors, and
  • Give educated advice on acquiring and managing income properties.

Who Should Invest?

Real estate investing is particularly valuable to self-employed individuals who lack a formal retirement plan such as a 401(k), pension plan, and so on. The majority of Ken’s investors have been just such people. He makes it a point to zero in on their particular needs and then works diligently to find the options to suit those needs.

Even those who are not self-employed are drawn to income property once they understand the basics and how the numbers can add up to a lucrative investment.

Realizing Return On Investment (ROI)

Ken weeds out unrealistic or undesirable income properties and presents only those opportunities with real ROI potential. Some clients even start to see a return in the very first month.

Ken has been known to go the extra mile and help find tenants for income properties being purchased by his clients.

Accessing a Network of Professionals

Through the years, Ken has built up an extensive network of competent individuals in allied fields, such as contractors, insurance agents, real estate attorneys, and mortgage brokers, just to name a few. Ken provides his clients with ready access to his contacts to make the buying process a simpler one.

Working with a Proven Broker

Ken’s in-depth knowledge of the market, coupled with his realistic approach, have placed him among the top 1% of selling agents in L.A. and among the top 3% of all agents in L.A., according to HomeLight, the largest real estate referral firm in the country. There are few realtors in Northeast L.A. who have helped so many clients realize their financial goals through real estate investing.

Getting Started

If you are considering investing in income property, contact Ken Shapiro of Silverwood Properties. Ken can find you the right opportunity in Echo Park real estate, Los Feliz real estate, Silverlake real estate, Eagle Rock real estate, Highland Park real estate, Angelino Heights real estate, Mt. Washington real estate, Glassell Park real estate, downtown Los Angeles and other areas of Northeast L.A. Call Ken today at 213-250-4404.