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Investment Opportunity with a 15% Cash on Cash Return

As you have observed many times, I am constantly on the lookout for new and different ways to help you make money dealing in real estate. Well, I have come upon yet another way…”Sober Living.”

That’s right, Sober Living. Alas, you ask, what is this and what could it possibly have to do with real estate investing? Well, I will tell you. I have an associate who has a business wherein he helps recovering alcoholics get back on their feet. The way it works is, once they have successfully come off alcohol and are back in the working world, they often need and want to move into a very affordable living situation. Additionally, they usually like to live in an environment with people in a similar situation to have a strong support system. There are properties that are zoned specifically for this type of setup.

The way it works is: you buy the property and you allow my associate to run his Sober Living business on your property. He then manages it and takes care of everything. He pays the property tax, the insurance, the utilities, he pays for Assistant Manager(s), etc., and he pays YOU. All you need to do is receive your check every month! The business is sufficiently lucrative and reliable, and all the rest of it, that he is able to pay you so much money each month that your return on investment and/or monthly cash flow is quite high. Of course, it varies from scenario to scenario, but on average, we are talking in the vicinity of 15% cash on cash return…and with little or no time or attention from you.

I have a few of these available right now. If this sounds interesting to you, or you would like to know more, get a hold of me right away.