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Loyal Followers and those new to my Blog:

Welcome! Those of you that have been following this blog know that I have written a great deal of late about the opportunities available in real estate investing. The menu of offerings these days presents a banquet of opportunity. But…

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Echo Park

Echo Park has become one of the hottest spots for Real Estate in all of Los Angeles County. What’s up with that? A few things, actually. It has inextricable ties with the now hip and trendy North end of downtown,…

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Real Estate as Investment

Investors are returning to the real estate market in a powerful display of bargin hunting.The reasons are not hard to discern.First and most visibly, prices are way down from what they were five years ago. The decades old, well-known datum…

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Echo Park evolves into hipster destination

Upscale bars, restaurants and live-music clubs draw young crowds. It’s late on the night before Thanksgiving, and the stretch of Sunset Boulevard through Echo Park, from Mohawk to Douglas Street, is littered with young revelers. Lines form in front of…

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