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The multi-unit real estate market is re-emerging at a vigorous pace

In the past two months my clients have bought 9 multi-units (duplexes to four-plexes) and there are offers in on four more. On top of that, as I sit here in my office this magnificent Los Angeles morning I am looking at property set-up sheets for several other attractive opportunities.
I have various types of multi-units on my desk for a variety of appetites. Do you want to add value on a fixer ? Are you looking to break even but have excellent appreciation ? Do you want to have positive cash flow right now? Do you want to live in one and rent the others and have the rents pay for most, if not all, of your mortgage ? Do you want some combination of these ? I have all these sitting here on my desk right now.
Why are all these opportunities suddenly available ? Well, there are lots of theories about the real estate market these days. The truth of the matter is several factors are at play in the investment world right now. What I know is I have some delicious multi-unit properties available and have the ability to find others.
If you or any one you know has an interest in multi-unit property — to live in, to invest in, to live and invest in — I have a menu to fit almost any appetite. And if I don’t have what you like in house, I’ll go find it.
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