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It’s Finally Starting to Happen!

That’s right, I am finally starting to see the price of Real Estate in my neighborhood inch up. Prices went down, down, down for 5 years, then they went flat for a year and a half, and now they are…

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Real Estate Investor Consultation

Hello, You responded to a “Great Deal Alert” I sent out a while ago and asked to be on my mailing list. Since then you have no doubt been receiving my Investor Bulletins, other Great Deal Alerts, etc., which I…

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Real Estate Today

This morning when I went next door to get my daily fix of caffeine the server at the coffee bar asked me how business was. When I told her it was good, she replied “well of course it should be,…

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Surprise: The Hottest Real Estate Area of Los Angeles

Ayn Rand, Leonardo DiCaprio, Steve McQueen, Babe Ruth, Jerry Rubin, Jazz legend, Art Pepper, Jack Webb (Dragnet), Frank Zappa and Jackson Pollack…. All lived in Echo Park…one of LA county’s most captivating communities. A community that has quietly evolved over…

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Why Real Estate As A Great Investment Option?

Making the right investment decisions in today’s environment can be challenging. You want a decent return on your capital, you want it to grow, and you want the lowest possible risk consistent with good return. Based on years of personal…

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Investment Bulletin

Investors have never experienced times like these. T-Bills are paying less than 1%, CDs only slightly better. The stock market is gyrating hundreds of points per day. So where can someone safely invest their savings and get a decent return…

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Historic Times for Real Estate!

On January 27, 1956, RCA records released Heartbreak Hotel by a young “Rock and Roll” singer from Tupelo, Mississippi named Elvis Presley. The record sold 300,000 copies in the first three weeks and ultimately became Elvis’ first Gold Record. It…

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