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Real Estate Investment Bulletin – Future Seminar Request…

We recently conducted a seminar here in our offices at Silverwood Properties about Real Estate investment.

It was well attended and I am pleased to say we got rave reviews from the attendees. People really felt they learned useful things and several of them came to see me within a few days of the seminar to get going on buying their first property or, in some cases, their second or third.

When asking people what other subjects they would like to hear about in future seminars, one of the biggest requests was how to locate reliable ancillary professionals one would need to work with. These would include professionals such as Attorneys, Tax Accountants, Property Managers, Mortgage Brokers or Lenders, Handymen, Gardners, Insurance Agents, Escrow Officers, Title Reps, Contractors, Inspectors, to name some of the backup personnel that are often associated with the buying and selling of real estate.

Sound overwhelming ? Relax ! I have already done this homework. The people that I work in these areas are – each and everyone – proven professionals in their respective fields and very service oriented. I can make them available to you, of course. What’s more, if you want, I can even act as the coordinating entity for you for all these contacts, so it isn’t so overwhelming.

Given the interest from the last seminar, I am considering doing the next one covering which ancillary professionals you may need; who these people are, why you need them and what is it you need them to do for you.

Please let me know if you feel this would be useful for you. Would you like a seminar on this subject?

Let me know and we’ll set something up.