Great Deal Alert – El Sereno – 4 plex – $1,180,000

15421 Southwest 39th Terrace, Miami, FL 33185, USA
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Looks like the multi-family market is finally starting to loosen up. Some sellers must have noticed that properties have been sitting on the market if a new owner can’t make any money. So, that must be why this one has popped up! With three units being delivered vacant, if one does not have any scruples about renting to Section 8 tenants (I don’t know why they should,) this one cash flows gorgeously, even with today’s high interest rates. And. by all appearances, it doesn’t need much work either.
With a mere $300K out of pocket, one will cash flow $2300/mo. That is 9.2% cash on cash return. If you are able to vacate the one remaining tenant, which I believe you can, cash flow will be even greater. If you want it, or want to know more, call me and I will help you out.
Best, Ken Shapiro
Silverwood Properties
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