Angelino Heights 4-plex

Los Angeles, CA, USA
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Question: Where can one get a 6 cap, or anywhere close to it, that is in really good condition, is in a really good part of town and also scores high in the charm and character department?

Answer: Nowhere! Nowhere, that is, except right here and now in this email blast! And the best news is . . . it’s not on the market!

That’s right. And you can have it right here, right now, for approximately $1.625 million. It is right in the heart of historic Angelino Heights. It is newly renovated and is beautiful. It is fully occupied except for the owner’s unit, which will go vacant once escrow closes, and is fetching $11,000/mo in income. Plus, as it is newly renovated, you won’t be spending a penny on it for some time to come. Also, it has a bonus space that can be renovated for a relatively small amount of money and rented out as an office or a studio for another $600 – $900/mo.

The other alternative here – and it is a really good one – is to live in the about-to-be-vacated owner’s unit while collecting rent from the other units. That will have you living for free every month even after you factor in ALL expenses like property tax, insurance, utilities, etc., and even collecting some cash – about $800/mo – on top of that!

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