Great Deal Alert – 5 units – Glassell Pk – $3600/mo cash flow

3182 Weldon Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90065, USA
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OK, so this one may not be the best ‘cash on cash return’ around, but it is better than most, and it is an absolutely awesome property. If someone had $800K to $ 1 million in cash they wanted to put to work for themselves in a very stable, reliable investment that will yield about $3600/mo in cash flow, this would be one to seriously consider. For slightly over $2.4 million, you will have a beautiful 5 unit building that is very charming, in great shape and in one of the most highly touted neighborhoods (Northeast L.A.) in the whole city.

Honestly, in my opinion, when you combine the factors of low risk, stability and return on investment, this just may be one of the best investment options around. It is a beautiful and solid property with no issues that sits right in the middle of a neighborhood that continues to evolve upwards more and more every day.

If you think you want it or want to know more about it, contact me and I will help you out.

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