6 Unit In Boyle Hts – $700,000 With Stunning Prospects For Future Growth

Boyle Heights, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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I am particularly addressing this opportunity to those of you who are 40 years old and younger (though we welcome interest from all ages on this property:))

This property is not especially about immediate cash on cash return. Granted, there will be some cash flow right at the outset – about $800/mo. But… here is why you buy it:

a) It is in Boyle Hts which, if you didn’t know, is ‘the next big thing’ in L.A. Real Estate. Boyle Hts is sizzling with opportunity.

b) It is on a great street in Boyle Hts.

c) It has a tremendous amount of charm and character.

Once you are able to get all existing (under market rent) tenants vacated, this property can generate about $9000/mo. And then we are talking amazing cash flow. To say nothing of the dramatic increase in the value of the building!. This all may take a few years, which is why I am talking to you ’40 and unders.’

This is a real estate investment seed planted that will blossom into a truly handsome asset.

If you want help with this, or want further info, contact me and I will help you out.

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