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Where Los Angeles Flippers Are Raking in the Biggest Gains


When I was a kid, a “flip” was something you did off of a diving board – either forward or backward – into a swimming pool.

Today, it is one of the most lucrative activities one can engage in in the world of real estate investing. Flipping homes has almost become a national pastime – a very rewarding one at that.

And it should be no surprise to our readers that two key neighborhoods in Northeast Los Angeles are among the most profitable locations for flipping homes in the entire United States (the technical definition of a “flip” is the purchase, enhancement and resale of a home within 12 months of purchase with no less than a 10% profit above the original purchase price).

A study by Redfin found that Mount Washington and Silver Lake ranked #2 and #3, respectively, as the hottest flipping areas in the country. Cool, eh?


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