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Time to Buy Real Estate!

Hi Everyone,

I sent several blogs this time last year telling you that this is absolutely the time to buy Real Estate. That statement was based on a) absurdly low mortgage interest rates and b) the fact that prices had bottomed out and were now just starting to climb back up. Many of you heeded my words and bought a property at that time and are now enjoying added equity in your homes to the tune of – in some cases – as much as 20-25% !!

Those of you who did not buy at that time may be lamenting the fact that you failed to do so. Don’t. Mortgage rates are still absurdly low and, frankly, there’s still a fair bit of life left in this value upsurge (my professional opinion only, but based on years of experience in this market).

Note: this applies whether you are considering a single family residence to live in, or a multi-family investment property. I am helping a lot of folks with purchases right now. Can I help you?


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