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Purchasing Properties These Days

It’s a rather interesting perspective from where I sit to see the wide array of approaches various buyers are taking towards purchasing properties these days.

While some are perturbed at having to engage in bidding wars, others understand that it is really OK to be aggressive as a buyer right now – bidding war or no.

The real challenge today is being able to actually buy a property…. ANY property, that you can take hold of, add some value to, and take advantage of a market that is heating up more and more all the time.

I understand that it may seem galling to you to have to pay what sellers are asking right now – that’s one perspective. But if you understand that we are still near the beginning of a real upsurge in the real estate market, where anything you buy right now will be worth substantially more up the road, it gives one a different perspective.

If you are rehabbing to re-sell, the current market will only help you do so profitably.

If you are buying an income property to make some good cash flow and enjoy future upside, there couldn’t be a better time to do so.

If you are merely buying a home for you, or you and your family to live in, or a duplex to live in one unit and rent the other, everything I have just said above applies to you as well.

Low inventory aside, I can’t say it strongly enough…. it’s a buyer’s market right now, and it may not necessarily be for long, so go to it !


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