Amazing Silver Lake Triplex – $699,000

Silver Lake, Los Angeles, CA, USA
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This is one may ‘fly under the radar’ due to its unusual location. But it pencils out handsomely, and will be a great acquisition. The commercial space should rent for $1200 (I think I already have your tenant); the 1 bed will rent for $1500 and the two bed for $2500. There is ample parking, hardwood floors and the units are actually charming and failry spacious inside. Looks like it needs little to NO work.

At asking price (it may be able to be had for less,) it will get 10% cash on cash return in an upside location. If you get if for less – say, $650K – then you will be at about 12% cash on cash return, with $1700/mo positive cash flow.

Let me know if interested and I will help you get it.

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