2 bed 1 bath house in Prime Echo Park for under $1 million

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Getting a home…. any home of any size, for under $1 million these days that a) does not need a lot of work and, b) is in a very good neighborhood, is a serious challenge. Almost an impossibility, one might say. That said, I have a listing coming up very shortly that just might answer to that description.
First of all, it is in prime Echo Park north of Sunset, a 3 minute walk from Elysian Park and a 12 minute walk from Sunset Blvd. It has very little outdoor space, so if that is high on your wish list, this one is not for you. On the other hand, it probably has everything else you are looking for, and the absence of outdoor space (it does have a little) is probably what will bring it in for under a million. It is 2 bed 1 bath, 954 sq ft, nicely renovated, hardwood floors, one car garage and very charming. As it is on a corner lot, it has some pretty good privacy/seclusion factor as well.
If this sounds like something you might want or know someone who does, contact me anytime. It is not out of the question I could get it for you before it hits the market, and spare you the unpleasantness of a bidding war, and – yes – get it for you for under $1 million.
Ken Shapiro
Silverwood Properties

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