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The word gentrification has expanded into the public consciousness dramatically over the last decade or so.


Certainly, for those interested or active in the world of real estate, it has become a subject of intense interest.


While many of our readers are likely familiar with the term, we offer a brief description from Wikipedia for those who are not:


Gentrification is typically the result of increased interest of external citizens to live in a certain environment. Early “gentrifiers” may belong to low-income artists or boheme communities, which increase the attractiveness and flair of a certain quarter. Further steps are increased investments in a community by real estate development businesses, local government, or community activists and more economic development, increased attraction of business and lower crime rates. In addition to these potential benefits, gentrification can lead to population migration.


Several areas of Greater Los Angeles have undergone gentrification to a greater or lesser degree, but perhaps none more noticeably than Highland Park, an area in which we have been actively involved for many years.


I thought you might be interested in two contrasting articles about gentrification published in LA Weekly, both as a look at the phenomenon as well as a peek at Highland Park.


The first article chronicles the opening of a new organic juice shop in Highland Park:







The second tells the tale of three long-time resident pizza parlors that defy gentrification:




I hope you enjoy the articles and if organic juice or mouth-watering pizza is of interest, we can help you find a home in this changing area of food, fun and economic prosperity.