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Buy Into the Hottest Los Angeles Neighborhood of 2016 at a Median Price of $699,000

We are delighted to find that a new survey by Redfin predicted that the “Hottest Hoods” for 2016 are all right here in our backyard.

“The whole of Northeast LA is heating up,” according to the survey. Per an article in Curbed LA, Mt. Washington leads the list with Eagle Rock and Highland Park filling out the top three.

“Redfin’s made its annual prediction of the three hottest real estate neighborhoods in Los Angeles for 2016….

At the top of the list? Mt. Washington, a ‘hood that, as one agent working in the area notes, is snuggled right up against two other desirable neighborhoods and past hottest ‘hood winners, Eagle Rock and Highland Park. The whole of Northeast LA is heating up, housing-price-wise, so it makes sense that 2016 would bring more of the same.”


We likely need not remind you Northeast LA is our home universe. If you want to see why this area is predicted to be the hottest in LA real estate this year, give us a call or visit our website.