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An Increase is Coming…

You have to be a Las Vegas bookmaker to keep up with the odds on whether or not the Fed’s Snow Queen will raise rates at their September meeting. Interest rate pundits pegged the chances for a rate increase at 45% until the stock market went into its volatility rain dance.


The wild swings of Mister Dow Jones have given joyless Janet yet another reason to protect her masters at the major New York banks.

As we approach seven years of “zero rates,” one wonders how long the Fed will continue to keep its boot on the neck of the cost of money.

However, there seems to be no doubt the increase is coming, whether this September or later in the year. That means if you are thinking of purchasing real estate for either residential or investment purposes, now is the time.

Call us if you are considering a real estate purchase; we can move quickly while Janet mulls her timing.