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Housing Affordability Has Never Been Stronger

Hello Folks,

I am attaching a short article from the California Association of Realtors ® Newsletter (at the link below). It makes the point with cold, hard statistics show that we are definitely in an upswing on home sales and on prices.

Let me be frank: Now is the time: if one acts fast, they can still purchase a home in time to benefit from the appreciating home values.

On the other hand, the longer one waits, the more they miss the upturn. I don’t want to see you miss this chance to take advantage of what is still a generally low priced market. It is becoming a highly competitive market out there right now. However, I am having excellent success helping my clients navigate their way through the competitive bids am getting them into homes they are happy with at prices they are happy with.

Feel free to contact me at anytime if you want help with this.

Click the following link to access the article or copy and paste the entire address into your web browser: