Great Deal Alert – 6 Unit – $1,650,000 – Boyle Heights

15421 Southwest 39th Terrace, Miami, FL 33185, USA
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This is a very good example of a multi-family that would be a great property to own and add value to. And end up with some very good cash flow. Here’s how it sets up:
First of all, two of these units will be delivered vacant. Once one fills those up one is looking at $4000/mo of cash flow in a building that looks to be in good condition.
Secondly, this is one of the best Boyle Hts locations.
Thirdly, there is an opportunity to build two 1 bed ADUs. This will cost approximately $300,000 but will yield an additional $4500/mo of income. So now your cash flow just increased to $6500/mo, with only having a total of $480,000 cash outlay. And, as I said, all indications are this property will not be submerging you in lots of repair costs. Bottom line, it is a great cash flowing property with few or no headaches and lots of upside. In other words, exactly what one wants to see.
Feel free to reach out to me anytime if you want help with this one.
Ken Shapiro,
Silverwood Properties – 818-237-6963
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