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Key Factors to Consider When Buying Real Estate

The current issue of Money Magazine, a top investment publication, has an excellent article covering key factors to consider when buying real estate.The article, entitled, Winning in a Seller’s Market, makes a couple of key points, which I want to mention here.

One section points out why real estate is turning into a sellers market.

“A growing number of shoppers are on the hunt, confident that the market has hit bottom, yet many would-be sellers are staying on the sidelines either because they’re underwater or because prices are still painfully low.

“That’s led to some stiff competition among buyers.”

The article goes on to say that one of the most critical elements in buying a new home is to “Get a veteran on your side.”

“Finding an experienced agent is even more important in a competitive market; you’ll want a pro who specializes in working with buyers and who knows the local players and pricing trends… A good agent can help you determine whether a home is fairly priced, advise you on how much to offer – and back up her (his) counsel with data and examples.”

Maybe they have been reading my blog. Or, more likely, it is just a matter of “Great minds think alike” J
Friends: please believe me when I tell you we are at a “Tipping Point” in the real estate market today. The day will come when people will look back on this time as the reversal of the real estate market – particularly in Northeast LA: Echo Park, Highland Park, Silver Lake, Mount Washington, Eagle Rock, Glendale, Los Feliz.

I’m not just a “Veteran” here, this is my back yard and, modesty aside, I have the stripes to prove it.
Rates are at HISTORIC lows, prices are just beginning to turn, and delicious investment opportunities are available, but they go quickly.

If you want to get involved in this market, call me. I prowl the real estate landscape like a falcon and swoop down on opportunities as soon as they “raise their head” and sometimes even before that.

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