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I Have a Spy In My Office

That or someone at the LA Times has been reading my Great Deal Alerts.

Because in a recent article they featured a story with a headline that you have been hearing from my digital lips repeatedly over the last year or more.

The headline?


But then you knew that.

It has taken the Times a year to catch up on what has been going on in our back yard and about which I have been writing to you with the persistence and patience of a doting uncle.
The article features Echo Park and Highland among others and talks about the dramatic decrease in inventory.

One of several examples in the story is quoted below.

“Alex Gruenberg and his wife, Kristina, both 27, lost out on a home that ended up going for $30,000 more than they offered. The recently married couple have new jobs in the area and are looking for a pedestrian-friendly neighborhood with decent dining options.

“They are now trying to find homes before they are listed.

“We are really learning that there is sort of an inside element to that,” Gruenberg said. ‘Things are going in days.’”

Take special note of that second paragraph. If anyone knows Alex and Kristina, you can let them know who it is that finds those delicious properties before they are listed…unless, of course, you want to keep the secret of the Silverwood Properties Great Deal Alerts to yourself.

Give the article a read. It’s enlightening. They changed the headline for the online version, but the story is the same.,0,1637144.story
And if you would like to discuss our inventory of truly Great Deals, I am as close as your cell phone or your iPad.

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