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We ARE at an historical moment in real estate history

When the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, Franklin Delano Roosevelt called it, “A date that would live in infamy.”
And so it was.
It was an historical moment: but a negative one. Still, it launched the United States into becoming the world’s greatest military power, which is both a blessing and a curse.
July 4, 1776, was this country’s most memorable moment. Without it, we’d all be British citizens, wearing knickers and getting whipped at the Olympics.
And then there was July 20, 1969. Not quite as memorable as a date, but what an accomplishment – we landed on the moon!
But I’m a real estate guy, and I’m partial to April 30, 1803. That’s the day Thomas Jefferson bought the “Louisiana Purchase” from France: 828,000 square miles for $15 million dollars, about $.03 an acre.
We’re talking’ a killer deal!
I don’t know any property here in LA in 2012 that will sell for $.03 an acre, but I can tell you this.
We ARE at an historical moment in real estate history. I know this sounds a bit grandiose, but a few days ago, the 10 year Treasury note hit 1.40%!!
Interest rates are almost non-existent.
Meanwhile, investment real estate in my neck of the woods – Echo Park, Highland Park, Silver Lake, Glendale, Mount Washington – is booming.
Savvy real estate investors are moving in.
I have my fingers on the pulse of this market. Don’t let this historical investment moment pass you by.

Call me.

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